The Formula

Achieving the best possible performance from your PC is not magic or luck, it's science.

At Frag Labs we design, test and tweak every component to ensure that every system we build achieves its maximum potential, delivering to you the ultimate in performance computing.

The only performance that matters is the performance you get every day, that's why at Frag Labs we benchmark and stress-test every system to maximise performance and stability over the life of the system. Your new Frag Labs System will ship with a dossier containing your individual system’s benchmark results and a complete report of the stress-test and over-clocking results.

What sets the Frag Labs Team apart from other system builders?

Since 2010 Frag Labs have strived to bring a new level of focus and service to the Australian gaming market. Our team is made up of gamers with the dedication and experience to maximise the performance from any system to give you the edge in competitive play. We know that low frame rates and long load times can be more than just an annoyance but a massive liability online. Our team stays current with all the big release games and know exactly what you need to get the full experience with your system. Have your eye on one game in particular and want to know what the best system for that game is, we have the knowledge and experience to customise a system to that game to ensure smooth frame rates and max settings.

From day one we knew that to be supported by the Australian gaming community, we needed to support it and so it has been an priority of ours to be involved with community organisations, eSports events and team sponsorship both to show our commitment to the scene and also just to be involved in this thing we are so passionate about. We attend a number of events each year, some of our proudest partnerships have been with LanSmash and the Australian Cyber League, culimating in our sponsorhip of the Blizzard WCS Australia and Oceania Finals in July '11. We are keen for this to be just the beginning for Australian eSports delivered at a truely World Class level and we are committed to our partnerships with these industry leaders to keep going.

Many builders will preload your system with dozens of programs and applications all in an effort to appear technically superior but in reality all most of these programs do is slow you down and clutter up your system. At Frag Labs we believe in the ‘Clean Slate’ approach to computers, providing you with only the essential software and drivers you need to enjoy your system, no filler, no fluff, no trial software, just the essentials.

Where are Frag Labs based?

All Frag Labs Custom Desktops are built, tested and shipped from our workshop HQ in Brisbane, Queensland. Our Frag Labs Alpha, Pro & Prime Series Notebooks are built and shipped to order by our Notebook Partner Metabox.

Hey couldn't I get my friend to build it for me?

Sure, your friend could probably build you a pretty good gaming machine with parts from your local computer shop or online but they cannot provide the benefits and advantages of a professionally assembled system. All Frag Labs systems are Built-To-Order with the following benefits:

  • Built in a static-free, clean-room environment to prevent electrostatic damage and dust.
  • Thoroughly stress-tested and benchmarked with a dossier of results and statistics (Desktops Only)
  • Expert cable management for improved airflow.
  • Expertly designed to provide the best performance for your money, not just the most expensive system we could think of.
  • Desktops Backed by a 2 Year Onsite Warranty.
  • Notebooks Backed by a 1 Year Warranty.

What about that big company who make computers with an alien on them?

What the big companies don’t want you to know is that their computers are built with low quality generic parts, yes even their high end systems. The difference between generic and premium brand components is performance, interoperability and stability over the lifetime of the product. At Frag Labs, we proudly list the manufacturer of all our components and choose very carefully which manufacturers we use. We pick our components by balancing features, performance, reliability and reputation to ensure that every single piece of our systems are of the best possible quality.

Why shouldn’t I buy a PC at a department store?

Increasingly large department and electronics stores are selling laptops and desktop systems right on their show floor. The vast majority of these stores are resellers and offer no expertise or advice on the system specification or features and are only looking to make a quick buck on the sale. At Frag Labs, your PC will be built to order by a professional installer and can be expertly customised to fit your budget and requirements. If the PC you buy is pre-built in a department store it is probably already a couple of months old and most likely full of inexpensive and outdated parts. A Built-To-Order system from Frag Labs has the benefit of the latest in technology and will always be on the cutting edge. We keep very limited stock of items, instead sourcing them per order so you can be assured that we will always give you the best components available for your money, not something we bought a pallet of six months ago.

Why don’t you sell any really cheap gaming PCs?

At Frag Labs we develop our system specifications and prices to provide the best possible value for money. Below a certain price point we cannot provide the quality of component or performance that we know our customers expect. We choose not to compromise on the quality of our product just to make a sale, especially when it’s a sale that the customer may regret down the track.

We are proud of our pricing and know that if you compare our systems to anyone else’s, like for like, you will see that we always provide excellent value for money without compromising on quality or performance

What if I'm looking for a component that you don't list?

If you are looking for a specific component that we don't list as an option or would like to specify an entire system for us to quote on please contact our sales team either via email or phone and we will organise a quotation for you.

I already have a system, will you upgrade it for me?

Under normal circumstances we only deal with new systems which we build to order. If you have a component or case that you would like integrated into a new system we may be able to accomodate you by special arrangement in certain circumstances. If you would like to enquire about sending us a component or case for a specialised purpose please contact our sales team either via email or phone and we will endeavour to help.