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01/05/2015: May is here and so are the savings with FRAGLABS & METABOX. New METABOX Promo's Save Up to $270 on the Entire Range. But there is More... FREE SHIPPING ON ALL OUR LAPTOPS AND DESKTOPS!
01/04/2015: Happy Easter From Metabox! 8GB DDR3, 256GB SSD & 2YR Warranty Upgrade on All Metabox. Save $298.00 Only for April
04/01/2015: News just in. A new range of gaming desktops are now available featuring the new 900 series nvidia GTX cards. Customize yours now!

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  • Pro P170SM-A
  • $2,139.00
  • Intel® Core i7-4710MQ 2.8Ghz
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 970M GDDR5 6GB
  • 8GB 1600Mhz DDR3
  • Crucial 250GB BX100 SATA 3
  • 17.3" 1080p Matte LED Display
  • Backlit Gaming Keyboard
  • Customise Now

Featured Articles

Aorus Gaming Ultrabooks Join the Team!

AORUS Gaming Ultrabooks Join the Team!


Razer Debuts Android Set-Top Box

The tiny box is called Razer Forge TV, and it runs the Android TV platform on a quad-core chip. In many ways, it’s like any other set-top box—you can use it to watch movies and shows on YouTube, Hulu, Crackle, Google Play, and web videos via Google Cast. But you can also connect wireless controllers and use it to play games.


Minecraft player creates word processor out of redstone

Once, in Minecraft, I built a house. It was a good house, on a cliff. Over time, I added a farm, a mine and, far underground, my own personal gateway to a nightmarish hell dimension. It was nice. It felt like an achievement. Anyway, here's a Minecraft player who—without the use of command blocks—has created a working word processor. That, it turns out, is also a thing you can do in Minecraft.



Officially announcing the debut of our new product range the Pulse series of Gaming Desktops. The Pulse series have selection of models: The Mk3, Mk5, Mk5+ and the Mk7. This is an exciting new leap for Frag Labs and we are thrilled to have this range on offer - We have created 6 new desktop products along side our new Metabox range of gaming laptops. We invite you to explore the changes in our product range with all the different modifications available.


The Frag Labs Difference

As a leader in high performance custom gaming laptops and custom gaming desktops FRAGLABS Australia is always on the cutting edge. Our extensive range of Laptops includes Metabox Custom Gaming Laptops, Gigabyte Gaming Laptops, AORUS Gaming Laptops as well as well as our CAD and Gaming Desktop Range.

A professionally assembled and tested system from Frag Labs arrives at your door ready to dominate the competition from day one, our Benchmarking and Testing programme ensures that the system can consistantly deliver the performance you expect. We stand behind our systems 100% and if you do experience an issue our Frag Labs Warranty will get you up and running again in no time.

We have a massive range of custom gaming laptops and custom gaming desktops with Australian warranty and outstanding customer service. Be sure to also check out our Gaming Laptop blog which is updated regularly with the latest news and events!